The Russian Mod by UCT


With a sleek look, the Russian Mod is a fully packed mechanical mod at an incredibly affordable price.

The Russian Mechanical Mod by UCT is a full featured, affordable device that allows for the use of the three most popular battery sizes, a standard and included hybrid 510 cap, a hassle free locking and unlocking button, and full a copper body construction with an matte silver exterior.

Featuring a trim 22mm diameter, the Russian Mod features silver and gold plated top contacts with wide surface areas for great conductivity. Included is a brass hybrid 510 that replaces the traditional 510 section, allowing users direct contact to the battery for minimal voltage drop.

The Russian Mechanical Mod also features full sectional sizing for 18650, 18490 and 18350 battery arrangements, giving it the flexibility to be utilized in a plethora of styles and set-ups. The button features a three way switch mechanism, with an eighth turn locking and unlocking the device. A silver plated bottom contact ensures consistent and strong conductivity throughout the entire device.

With a sleek look, the ability to be used with different battery sizes and 510 styles, and a user friendly, convenient button, the Russian Mechanical Mod by UCT is a fully packed mechanical mod at an incredible price.

Product Features:

22mm Diameter
Copper Construction
— Matte Silver Exterior
Standard 510
— Gold and Silver Plated Contacts
— Dual Adjustable Contacts
Brass Hybrid Top Cap
— Increases Conductivity for Long 510 Atomizer Connections
— Only Compatible with Certain Atomizers
Three Sized Body for Compatibility
— 18650
— 18490
— 18350
Silver Plated Bottom Contact
Three Way Bottom Switch
— Eighth Turn Lock
— Eighth Turn Unlock
— Full Release
— Six Vent Holes


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