The all new ProVari™ Procyon brilliantly engineered for stellar performance as you'd expect from a Provari.


This is a 18650 only tube-style device

Procyon incorporates new technology that meets ProVape’s standard of safety at 50 watts. Unlike the erratic output of many devices on the market today, Procyon’s power is delivered with the accuracy and minimal voltage drop for which ProVape electronics are world famous.

Procyon features AccuSet® Technology which gives unparalleled consistency, longer run times and incredibly rich vapor.

The ProVari™ Procyon Features

Stainless Steel Construction
Variable Wattage range in 0.2 watt increments (3W-50W)
Sub-ohm capability (Down to .4 ohms)
On/Off mode allows you to shut the unit off completely
Scrolling OTS (Onboard Troubleshooting System) keeps the user informed of any problems and how to resolve them with clear instructions
Battery icon tells you how much energy is left in the battery
Check All mode allows the user to see all their critical settings at a quick glance with one button press
Scroll speed adjust allows the user to select the speed of the scrolling menu
OLED brightness adjustment lets you vary the display intensity
Self-adjusting center contact pin ensures maximum compatibility with tanks and atomizers
New High Performance End Cap that has 4 times better connection to the battery

The ProVari™ Procyon Kit Includes:

• 1 The ProVari™ Procyon 18650 Device
• 1 Samsung 18650 Battery

This item does not include Atomizer, or Charger.


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