Kayfun Mini V3


The Kayfun Mini V3 is exactly what you are looking for in a mouth-to-lung atomizer. This 19mm RTA is the best of the best!

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Simplicity, functionality, performance – an atomizer for starters and enthusiasts.

The Kayfun Mini V3 combines simplicity, functionality and excellent performance in a very compact form factor. This 19mm in beauty makes an elegant appearance on small as well as on medium sized mods.

The Kayfun Mini V3 has fully adjustable liquid control gives you full control over your liquid flow, however, thanks to SvoëMesto’s pressure based feeding system, fine tuning is not required with the majority of setups. After closing the liquid control, the Kayfun Mini V3 can easily be filled through the top within a couple of seconds. Just as simple as filling it, is accessing your coil by removing the tank, regardless if it’s filled or not. Regardless of the small form factor the build deck offers you plenty of space to mount your build.

The internal design of the evaporation chamber has been heavily inspired by its ancestor, the Kayfun Mini 2.1, to create the outstanding flavor profile, Kayfun fans have grown to love. At the same time SvoëMesto has increased the adjustable airflow from 1.5mm to 2.2mm, giving the Kayfun Mini V3 much larger performance capabilities.

The Kayfun Mini V3 is made from the same high class materials as the Kayfun 4. Thanks to its intelligent design, cleaning and maintenance can be done by disassembling the atomizer into no more than five pieces, no tools required.

It’s functionality, intuitive handling and rich flavor profile combined in a small form factor makes the Kayfun Mini V3 a true daily driver.


– Technical features
– Fully adjustable liquid flow control
– Topfill
– Airflow control
– Glass tank
– Easy coil access
– Easy cleaning and maintenance
– Serial number and product key for product authentication


Diameter: 19mm
Height: 58mm (without mouthpiece)
Tank capacity: 2ml

Package Contents

– 1 Kayfun Mini V3
– 1 spare kit
– 1 user manual


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