Kabuki™ P3 Tank


Crafted in the USA, Kabuki™ is a fantastic flavour chaser exclusively for the Provari. Probably one of the best!


The Kabuki™ Tank is crafted in the USA from the finest materials available and engineered to deliver the vaping experience of a rebuildable atomizer with the simplicity and convenience of a drop-in Nautilus Coil.

The focus is on flavor production and absolute ease of use. Airflow is infinitely adjustable with a simple “set and forget” setting. You’ll never have to reset your airflow again after knocking it out of adjustment while removing or refilling your tank.

Kit Includes:

1 x Kabuki P3 Threaded Tank
1 x Nautilus Coil
1 x Wrench for adjusting air flow
1 x Black Tip


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