Fiber Freaks


Made by Vapers for Vapers, Fiber Freaks is the new way to wick that offers unmatched performance in flavors rendering.

Fiber Freaks’ cellulose wick was created to offer an alternative for cotton users. Chosen for its revolutionary capillarity and high capacity of absorption, Fiber Freaks’ cellulose wick releases authentic and long lasting flavours.

Fiber Freaks Original comes in 2 densities: n°1 is airy like cotton, and n°2 is very dense (recommended for RDAs) and needs scissors to be cut and rolled between the fingers to form a short stick to slide into the coil.

Fiber Freaks Original Wicks are already precut wicks, for 2.0 mm to 2.5 mm coils. Each sachet contains 20 wicks. These wicks are 2 to 3 times higher capillary properties compared to cotton – which means they have more fiber strands.


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