Dani Box


Made in Germany

The Dicodes Dani Box is a high quality 60W regulated device packed with features and powered by the very well regarded Dicodes electronics.


The Dicodes Dani Box is a high quality regulated device packed with features and powered by the very well regarded Dicodes electronics. Capable of 60W of power and temperature control with various wire types, the firmware allows the user to select one of 4 different modes of operation, allowing the user to switch between variable watt, variable watt with heat protection, variable watt with power boost, or variable temperature. You can turn off the extended features to simplify the menu selections if you wish.

This 18650 size box style mod is quite compact and the unique curved shape is very comfortable to hold. The top and bottom sections of the device are made from stainless steel and the body is anodised aluminium.

Navigating the menu interface is surprisingly simple with three buttons and can be operated to change settings easily with one hand. The top mounted OLED display screen shows all important information either while you vape, set to only display after your puff, or it can be turned off completely for a stealth mode. The variable temperature feature of this device is extremely accurate and the user can adjust for just about any temperature control capable wire type they so choose. The device can be locked and unlocked with 5 clicks and the up and down buttons can also be locked by holding them both down at once. This is one of the easiest menu systems to use for a device with so many features.

Please note there is no external USB port on this device for battery charging, but not to worry there is a docking station with charger planned for the future.

The Dani Box is precision machined in Germany and backed by a two year warranty on the electronics*.


Dimensions: 49mm (W) x 80mm (L) x 24mm (D)
60 watts or power
0.05 – 5 ohm capable
OLED display
Powered by a single 18650 (not included)
Spring-loaded center pin
Temperature controlled vaping mode with support for various wire-types
Optimized for dicodes resistance wire RESISTHERM (Sample included)
Reverse battery protection
Versatile and easy to use menu structure
Individual user preferences selection
2 year warranty
Made in Germany


Dicodes Dani Box
User guide
Sample of Dicodes NiFe wire
Supplied in a custom metal tin

* Warranty terms

Two year warranty covers manufacturing faults within the electronic component of the device only. Opening the device, other than the battery cap to change the battery, will void the warranty.


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