Carry Caddy


This pro Carry Caddy from ProVape is the ultimate case to use for protection when traveling with your mods.

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This caddy is great for protecting your device from water, dust or for use while travelling. Great for a day at the beach!

Made from Super Strong ABS Molded Plastic
Floats on water
Airtight seal
Water Resistant
Case can withstand temperature range -10° to 175° Fahrenheit
2 Locking Clasps
Stainless Steel Latch Hinges
Molded Lock Ring for Added Security
Coin Release for Air Pressure
Custom Urethane Foam Protects contents
Lanyard with clip for easy transportation
Sleek Matte Finish Design
2 Removable/Replaceable Locking Clasps

Dimensions (Inside): 7.88″x 1.97″x 1.17″
Dimensions (Outside): 8.80″x 3.10″x 1.70″


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